Modern Mechitza with One Way Mirror

These portable mechitza panels have a contemporary profile. The wood base flows into the angled glass, maximizing the reflective property of the glass from the men’s side. Starting at 3 feet high, the glass is set for women to view the chapel from the sitting position with great transparency. The panels are set on wheels under the wood base for portability. The price does include one-way mirror or printed glass. Inquire for pricing for other top materials. Mechitzas are made to order and can be stained to suit the furniture in your synagogue.

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Portable Custom Mechitzah Panels

The angled one-way mirror fully exploits the reflective and transparent properties of the glass. Bass Furniture produces every project with the highest quality materials and attention to detail. The mechitzah was originally designed and built for the Margolin Hebrew Academy in Memphis, Tennessee and since has become a best seller. Contact us for specific information regarding your synagogue remodel or mechitza needs.

View the entire Bet Midrash remodel of the Margolin Hebrew Academy. 

Customize Your Mechitzah

A well designed mechitza will give a good view and feeling of access for the women. While at the same time, the mechitza must conform to some level of modesty from the men’s side, which will vary from congregation to congregation. Bass Synagogue Furniture builds custom mechitzas to suit the needs, style, and budget of our clients. Each project is designed in detailed renderings according to the specifications of our clients before it is produced. Our mechitza designs include a base of woodwork to either three feet, sitting, or four feet, standing and then a top semi-transparent material. We have found the most popular choices to be clear glass, one-way mirror, graphic printing, curtains, and laser cut wood, and sandblasted glass. We can also provide woodwork, carving, metalwork, stained glass, and pretty much whatever you can think of.