Portable Mechitzah- Wood Lattice

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Bass Synagogue Furniture designed this mechitza to be easily portable. It is offered with or without wheels. It is extremely light, versatile, and stable design. Panel come in 4’3″ lengths or shorter. Each mechitza is made to order according to the heights supplied by the client. Built from the strongest materials, this mechitza is very strong, stable, and easy to store. The top is shown here with a latticed wood design. Choose the top material from two-way mirror, sandblasted glass, curtains, wood or metalwork. Please view our wood base mechitzah for more examples and pricing in this style. Let us know more about your project to receive a custom quote based upon your preferences.

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Custom Wood Base Portable Mechitzahs for your Synagogue

Clients choose from a variety of wood stain finishes, heights, and top materials. The width of each panel is around four feet three inches. The wood framework can be ordered in either three feet height for women to view from sitting position or four feet high to view from a standing position. Every project is meaningful to us and we provide each customer with a detailed three dimensional rendering to be approved before production according to their needs, style, and budget choices. Please contact us for more information  how Bass Synagogue Furniture can best serve your specific needs.


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Bass Synagogue Furniture is proud to offer the highest-quality wood, glass, and metal synagogue furniture in the industry. We offer available and custom work to suit the function, style, and budget of every congregation. View our inventory and portfolios of Torah Ark, Elijah Chair, Torah reading table, Eternal Light, Shtenders, donor plaques, and Torah ornaments. Master craftsman Gabriel Bass and his professional team designs and builds each product individually in our state of the art workshop, with a combination of precise equipment and the sharpest hand tools. Bass Synagogue Furniture combines classical craftsmanship and contemporary design. We work closely with each client to carefully design and complete each order on time and to our client's satisfaction. Each piece will be treasured for generations. With years of experience working with synagogues and building synagogue furniture, and references around the world, Bass Synagogue Furniture offers unsurpassed quality and service that clients can depend on. Contact us by email or telephone to discuss how we can offer you the most suitable synagogue furniture for your needs and budget.


A well designed mechitza will give a good view and feeling of access for the women. While at the same time, the mechitza must conform to some level of modesty from the men’s side, which will vary from congregation to congregation. Bass Synagogue Furniture builds custom mechitzas to suit the needs, style, and budget of our clients. Each project is designed in detailed renderings according to the specifications of our clients before it is produced. Our mechitza designs include a base of woodwork to either three feet, sitting, or four feet, standing and then a top semi-transparent material. We have found the most popular choices to be clear glass, one-way mirror, graphic printing, curtains, and laser cut wood, and sandblasted glass. We can also provide woodwork, carving, metalwork, stained glass, and pretty much whatever you can think of.
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