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The Jewish Artist Center, based in Katzrin in the Golan Heights, houses our main woodworking, metal, and glass facilities. Your workshop will begin with a stroll through the gallery space, where you will see fine examples of the unique woodworking, glass blowing, and metal work produced at the studios. Our head designer, artisan, and studio owner Gabriel Bass will discuss the development of his work and the concept of the studios. He will then escort you through the wood, glass, and metal studios, where you will watch artists at work and receive demonstrations in carving and glass blowing. We will spend most of the session working with you hands-on learning wood carving and/or glass blowing techniques. Bring home all work you make and take something from our give-away pile.

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Courses and Workshops

The Jewish Artist Center offers a variety of courses for all ages and skill levels, from one hour workshops to year long weekly courses. We work individually with each student to help shape the curriculum and projects based upon their goals and abilities. In our classes, you design and build projects that are meaningful. Guided by our professional staff, you will quickly learn the tools and skills necessary to improve in the technical and creative process. You return home with work that you have made. We are glad to customize the curriculum of any course to suit the needs of our students and offer private/group workshops and courses as well. Contact us for more information regarding the courses being offered or customizing a curriculum to suit your needs.
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