Large Ner Tamid Crown

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This Ner Tamid is handcarved from a solid piece of wood, carefully sanded and finished. Stained glass has been inlayed from the back of the carving and set with LED lighting features. The eternal light becomes the center point of the aron kodesh, bringing an inspirational light to the feeling of the prayer space. Mounted ner tamids are custom designed to suit your aron kodesh, size, budget and style requirements.

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This specific Ner Tamid is the center point of a synagogue interior remodel at the Sons of Israel Synagogue in Long Island City, Queens. Bass Synagogue Furniture designed, produced, and installed the aron kodesh into a niche in the back of the synagogue wall. The ner tamid crowing the aron kodesh is the focal point of the room. Even when the room is dark the ner tamid glows as the gabbai enters the room.  We can custom design a ner tamid crown to suit your aron kodesh or as an additional option to our available aron kodeshes. The eternal lights feature hand wood carving with many designs to choose from or create anew. Each ner tamid is unique and creates an inspirational space for prayer. Prices vary greatly based upon the size and amount of work involved in the details of the design. Contact us for your free consulation and price quote. It would be helpful to have pictures of the space, aron kodesh, or other furnishings in the room, as well as measurements of the aron kodesh and ceiling height.

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Crown or Ner Tamid

The addition of a crown, mounted ner tamid or cohen blessing on top (with or without glass). Each crown is hand carved with knives by artist Gabriel Bass. Each piece is completely unique, one of a kind. Choose from various popular styles, customize, or design your own. you can choose the finish to match your furnishings, glass color, and more. Other contemporary styles can be custom designed and constructed. Prices are approximate, and the final price will take into consideration the final size, design, and materials.

Ner Tamid - Eternal Lights

Bass Synagogue Furniture provides unique ner tamids for synagogues around the world. We specialize in the convergence of solid wood, hand blown glass, and metal work. Many ner tamid are currently available for sale and others can be custom commissioned to order. Ner Tamids can be hung from the ceiling or mounted upon the aron kodesh. Many eternal lights include hand blown glass by master craftsman Gabriel Bass, who also creates many of the original glass blowing molds. Ner Tamids can be ordered with any color glass or sandblasted. Contact us today for most up to date availability and custom design or options.
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