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Bass Furniture designed the Or Torah synagogue remodel with the guidance of the renovation committee. The entire sanctuary was rendered with the proposed furnishings to proportion and proper spacing. The committee was also supplied with shop sketches with details and measurements.

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The project consists of furnishings for three rooms, including the main sanctuary, bet midrash, and west minyan. In the main sanctuary, the aron kodesh reaches five meters high. The mechitza spans the center of the room. 420 seats are distributed between benches and chairs. Including the other rooms the number of total seats came to 711. The bimah holds the focal point in the middle of the room. Torah Reading Tables, Shtenders, and podiums were designed and produced for all three spaces. The Bet Midrash also consists of a built in aron kodesh reaching 3 meters high.

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Bass Synagogue Furniture designs and produces custom synagogue interiors throughout the world. Our designer and managers work intimately with our clients, through on site visits, email, whatsapp, and zoom meetings around the clock. Every project is designed specifically to suit your needs, style, and budget. We provide three-dimensional computer renderings, as well as detailed shop designs, to actualize the space, project, and all proposed furnishings. These rendering help to continue to raise funds for the project by showing the donors what they are contributing towards. Our designers continue to revise the design based upon our clients feedback until their are fully satisfied with every last detail and pricing, before production. Whether building or remodeling, contact us today for your synagogue design consultation with our designers and expert craftsmen.
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