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Exciting new format! Book your private woodworking instruction with master Woodworker, Carver, and Designer Gabriel Bass. Meetings will take place via zoom and whatsapp. Gabriel will guide you through any project you choose, so that you can complete the work in the most professional manner, while mastering important woodworking skills. Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, anyone can benefit from high level feedback. You will work through the design process, tools choice, technique, finish work, and more. Each class is customized to flow with the goals and skill level of each individual. Pay for just one class to plan a strategy and get advise on a project or sign up for a series of classes at a discounted rate to work on your skills and guidance throughout the project. Gabriel is considered a teacher, mentor, and coach to woodworkers worldwide.

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Ever wanted to build your own furniture for your home or place of worship? How about deck behind your house? Have any art projects in mind? You want to do a professional job and learn woodworking skills that you can take with you. No matter where you are in the world you are no alone. Whatever your skill set, whether you are buying your first woodworking tools, hobbyist, or are a veteran professional, this class will help you develop at your pace to complete the project of your dreams. Designed to give access to anyone throughout the world looking for woodworking mentorship, advise, and/or skills. If you want general learning we can work with you to design a project suitable for you. Each class lasts approximately one hour. Gabriel will meet you from his fully equipped studio to go over any design or technical questions. He will watch you work and suggest ways to be more efficient. He will provide demonstrations of relevant techniques.

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