Single Flame Ner Tamid

The modest single flame ner tamid features hand blown flame. You can choose the color of the wood, gold, as well as color and height of the glass flame. LED lighting is strung through the middle of the blown glass, radiating from within the flame. This is the perfect simple ner tamid for a traditional style synagogue.



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Flame Eternal Light for Synagogue

This Ner Tamid is currently available for sale and can be shipped out within days. All lighting components are included. The Ner Tamid base is lathed from solid wood and mounted with hand blown glass, made individually by artist Gabriel Bass. Glass is available in a variety of colors, and your option of sandblasted texture. Sandblasting can also help to disperse the light nicely. LED lights give a delicate lighting which runs on almost no energy or heat. The Eternal Light is easily hung from brass chain. Made in Israel; quick and easily shipped worldwide. Contact us for more information regarding this Ner Tamid or custom work to suit your needs, style, and budget requirements.

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