Slanted Glass Mechitzah

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This mechitza design has a contemporary, but timeless design. It is easily movable on the hidden wheels upon request. The high quality one-way mirror is affixed at an angle, giving the most reflective/transparent ratio than any other mechitza on the market. We use only the highest quality materials. Each is custom built to order and can be finished in any stain to match the surrounding furniture of the shul.  Each panel can be made approximately 4’3″ wider or less. Price shown includes one-way mirror, choose provide my own glass for discounted price.

$2,450.00 $2,450.00

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Custom Contemporary Mechitzas

The great success of this mechitza is the tilted glass on the top, which is angled slightly towards the ceiling. This allows for the one-way mirror to fully utilize the reflective properties on the men’s side and the transparency on the women’s side. We use only the highest quality one-way mirror and in this design we have angled the glass slightly in order to capture more light on the men’s side and away from the direct light on the women’s side in an equally lit room from above. We have taken into account the lighting factor in the design and this is acceptable to most communities. It may be possible to view a light silhouette in certain situations were the lighting may be backlit from the women’s side. The lighting in your room will also play a factor and if you can direct light towards the glass from the men’s side, you can get close to a 100% reflective/transparent quality. The curved base hides the wheels in a very modest way. The panels sit sturdy, but if you would like the breaks on the wheels, the wheels must be affixed to the legs. Bass Furniture custom designs and produces mechitzas in an array of styles and budgets. Please contact us for more information regarding custom order or for details about this design.

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