Tapered Portable Mechitzah

These portable wood mechitzas may include bookshelves built into the back of the tapered shape or have two tapered sides. The angled design allows for ultimate stability with the smallest base and no legs that stick out or get in the way. The top material can be ordered with transparent glass, one-way mirror, laser cut design or various semi-transparent fabrics.




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Mechitzahs with Book Shelves

The Tapered mechitzah was originally designed for the Great Neck Synagogue in New York from solid cherry wood. The bottom houses space for books on two shelves, the middle shelf with a lip on the front. You can choose from a variety of woods and finishes. The top section can be framed with transparent glass or one way mirror on a slant, as well as fabric and other options of various prices. At Bass Synagogue Furniture we design and produce each mechitzah to suit the style, size and budget of your synagogue space. All designs can be customized to suit your needs. The price reflects the base price without the top material. The final price would be calculated according to the details of the final order. Contact us today for more information regarding this product, shelving and mechitza solutions, and custom projects.

Dimensions: 125 cm wide per panel x 28 cm depth at the base.