Traditional Parochets

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Bass Synagogue Furniture provides traditional parochet options to suit any aron kodesh. Each parochet is individually designed in every detail to suit the style and needs of our clients. Some themes include the seven species of Israel, Bet Hamikdash, Tree of Life, twelve tribes of Israel, and many more. Each is made by hand from high quality velvet, metallic trim, custom embroidered image, pasuk, and dedications.

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Custom Designed Traditional Parochets and Bimah Covers

Whether we built the aron kodesh and bimah for you or you want the best matching parochet for your style, you can rely on us to custom design a parochet to best suit your needs. We supply design, production, delivery, and installation services complete to your door. Contact Bass Furniture today to discuss your parochet project with us.

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