Or Torah- Skokie, IL

aron kodesh synagogue interior design

Or Torah, the largest modern orthodox shul in the Chicago area consists of 4 chapels. The project at the synagogue includes the main shul, bet midrash, east and west sanctuaries. The remodel consists of Aron Kodeshes, Torah Reading tables, amud tefillah, mechitzas and ner tamid for each of the chapels. The seating for the first […]

Chabad of Uptown, Houston, TX Contemporary Synagogue

synagogue design for uptown chabad in Houston, Texas

Chabad of Uptown, Houston, TX Synagogue design, movable aron kodesh, torah reading table, mechitzas, and podiums The Design and the final product side by side: The furniture was designed to be easily movable within the room. The aron kodesh, torah table, and prayer stands are built from solid wood. We utilized a unique technique of […]