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Bass Furniture has the honor of working with the Or Torah community in Skokie, IL, USA, suburb to Chicago.  The project consisted of over 700 custom designed seats, about half chairs and the other half benches with storage behind the seat and flip top shtenders behind each. The torah ark was re-built to a height of about 4.5 meters. The front half of the mechitza is built in floor, and continues with matching portable panels on wheels. The raised bimah in the middle of the room houses the torah table, and benches in the back. Two podiums face the congregation in front of the aron kodesh and the amud tefillah faces the ark from the bottom of the staircase in the center of the room.

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Bass Furniture Ltd. designed the synagogue interior together with the remodel committee, according to their needs in a contemporary style.  Our craftsmen produced the furniture mostly from  solid wood with a dark walnut finish. Water-based stain is absorbed into the grains and preserved with three coats of durable lacquer. The project also included seating, portable mechitzahs, bimahs, and pray stands for the bet midrash, as well as the west minyan.

Photographs by Andy Alpern

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