One-Way Mirror Mechitzot

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One way mirror can be applied as an upper material for a variety of mechitza and door designs.  Combined with solid wood framework this glass can add an element of elegance and allow women the full view of the main sanctuary.

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Custom Mechitza Doors with One Way Glass

Mechitza are made to order according you the specification of each situation, both in relation to the surrounding space, how the mechitza needs to function as a partition, and needs for either portability or permanance.  We design and produce Mechitzas from high quality wood, glass, stained glass, one-way mirror, and metal.  We create 3-d rederings of all projects with our clients before they are produced, and can take into account the entire space that is relevant to detail.  Please inquire about the mechitza that you want to build and we will do our best to offer you a suitable solution in your budget.


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One Way Mirror

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